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mediterranean Horizon



Mythology 1

Mythology II


Questions Emerge 2

I have worked on this one for ages – it still may be a bit of a work in progress.

The Tree of Life

It was a bit to late to capture this photo with a fast shutter speed. Hopefully tonight when I stop back the light will be similar. For now it looks pretty good at a small size rather than large.

I have a side project I have been working on with Kassandra called “The Mill Dogs” all of our songs are swing songs arranged in the style of a film composer. This one is in the style of Bernard Herrmann (taxi driver, Psycho etc)
I always have fun with music / arranging but I usually find working on a song that is a bit more serious. – (I apologize in advance if any of you take this song seriously) So on that note here is an arrangement of Murder by Numbers.

The Mill Dogs – murder by numbers by the police


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